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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Discuss Ukraine Crisis in Beijing

Beijing, July 08, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Beijing on Monday to exchange in-depth views on the ongoing Ukraine crisis. The meeting underscored the commitment of both leaders to seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Prime Minister Orban briefed President Xi on his recent visits to Ukraine and Russia, detailing his diplomatic engagements and insights. President Xi expressed his appreciation for Orban’s efforts in promoting a political settlement to the Ukraine crisis and took the opportunity to elaborate on China’s perspectives and propositions regarding the issue.

President Xi emphasized the urgent need for an early ceasefire and a political settlement, which he asserted are in the best interests of all parties involved. He outlined three key principles to de-escalate the situation: no expansion of the battlefield, no escalation of fighting, and no instigation of further conflict by any party.

“The priority is to cool down the situation,” Xi stated, urging the international community to create conducive conditions and provide support for the resumption of direct dialogue and negotiations between the conflicting sides. He stressed that the involvement of major countries should inject positive rather than negative energy to facilitate a ceasefire at the earliest possible date.

“China has been actively promoting peace talks in its own way and encouraging and supporting all efforts conducive to a peaceful settlement of the crisis,” Xi said. He highlighted the alignment between the basic propositions and efforts of China and Hungary, expressing China’s willingness to maintain communication with Hungary and all relevant parties to work towards a peaceful resolution.

The meeting between Xi and Orban reflects the ongoing diplomatic efforts and the shared goal of both nations to contribute to the stabilization of the Ukraine crisis through dialogue and negotiation.