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Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley

Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley Proposes Tri-Series Involving India and Pakistan

Sydney, July 03, 2024, The Europe Today: Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley has expressed strong interest in organizing a high-profile tri-series involving India and Pakistan, amidst growing anticipation for a clash between the traditional rivals, which has always been a major attraction in the cricketing world.

Hockley highlighted the immense enthusiasm surrounding India-Pakistan encounters and reiterated Cricket Australia’s commitment to supporting and facilitating both bilateral and tri-series events involving the two nations. “We are ready to support both teams for a bilateral and a tri-series,” Hockley stated, underscoring the Australian cricket governing body’s readiness to facilitate these high-stakes matches.

“We would be happy to play a role in the revival of Pakistan-India bilateral series,” Hockley added, reflecting Cricket Australia’s eagerness to bring these two cricketing giants together on the same pitch. However, he noted that any such plans would require coordination between the respective cricket boards and governments of both India and Pakistan.

“The two boards need to decide first, and we will assist in hosting,” Hockley said, adding that formal discussions have yet to take place due to the busy schedules of the cricket boards involved.

This proposal from Cricket Australia comes at a time when cricket fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the next India-Pakistan showdown, known for its intense competition and electrifying atmosphere. The potential tri-series promises to be a significant event in the cricketing calendar, bringing together some of the sport’s most passionate supporters.