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President Mirziyoyev Calls for Enhanced SCO Cooperation and Unity at Astana Summit

President Mirziyoyev Calls for Enhanced SCO Cooperation and Unity at Astana Summit

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s speech at the summit in Astana presents Uzbekistan’s commitment to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and its broader regional and global aspirations. His address reflects gratitude to the host, President Qasim-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan, and praises Kazakhstan’s effective chairmanship of the SCO, emphasizing the need for continued and expanded cooperation within the organization.

Mirziyoyev acknowledges the participation of leaders from observer and dialogue partner countries, underscoring the inclusive nature of the “SCO Plus” meeting. He highlights the contemporary relevance of the summit, given the global challenges such as political and economic disruptions, conflicts, and protectionism that fragment the world economy and hinder international cooperation. He asserts that these issues can only be resolved through collective efforts aimed at ensuring common security, development, and prosperity.

The President reiterates the SCO’s commitment to a just world order founded on multilateralism, international law, and the central role of the UN. He calls for new strategic approaches to enhance the SCO’s effectiveness, particularly as it approaches its 25th anniversary. He stresses the importance of unity and cohesion within the organization, proposing intensified joint efforts to foster trust and friendship among member states and to remove barriers to deeper cooperation.

Mirziyoyev outlines several areas requiring renewed focus and strategic development. He highlights the evolving nature of modern threats, including environmental and natural disasters, resource shortages, cyber attacks, and challenges to sovereignty and economic stability. He proposes the establishment of a universal center to combat these security threats and suggests an annual “SCO plus dialogue on security issues.”

Economic cooperation is another key theme of the speech. Mirziyoyev advocates for a comprehensive “restart” of trade and economic collaboration within the SCO, emphasizing the need for a solid foundation for multilateral trade and cross-sector partnerships. He calls for the establishment of the SCO Fund and Development Bank and proposes measures to simplify trade processes, promote e-commerce, and stimulate technological cooperation.

Environmental issues also feature prominently in Mirziyoyev’s address. He underscores the importance of cooperation on climate change, proposing the development of a cooperation agreement and the establishment of the SCO Center for Innovative Solutions for Climate Problems in Tashkent. He stresses the need to improve the quality of life and social protection, suggesting a global conference on sustainable social protection issues.

Cultural and humanitarian cooperation is another focal point. Mirziyoyev champions the promotion of inter-civilizational dialogue and proposes the creation of a single bank of humanitarian initiatives and programs. He expresses confidence that the outcomes of the summit will significantly advance multilateral partnerships within the SCO, transforming it into a more productive and inclusive organization.


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